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Longer sessions for streamlined healing

Feeling Stuck in Therapy? Intensives Can Help You Break Through.

Traditional weekly therapy can be a valuable tool for personal growth, but sometimes it's not enough. Here are some signs that an intensive therapy program might be the right fit for you:

  • Slow Progress: Despite attending therapy regularly, you feel like significant change is elusive.

  • Cognitive Disconnect: You understand concepts intellectually but struggle to translate them into actual change.

  • Stuck in a Rut: Your therapy sessions feel repetitive; you crave a fresh approach.

  • Busy Schedule: Finding time for weekly appointments is difficult, making therapy feel like a burden.

  • Urgent Need for Change: You require immediate, focused support to address a pressing issue.

  • Fast-Paced Approach: You prefer a more intensive program that delivers focused results quickly.

  • New to Therapy: Intensives offer an efficient way to jumpstart your therapy journey.


Intensive therapy programs condense therapy sessions into a shorter, more concentrated timeframe. This allows for deeper exploration, quicker progress, and a more immersive therapeutic experience.


If you're ready to accelerate your healing journey and unlock your full potential, consider an intensive therapy program.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy Intensives
in Arkansas & Colorado

Concentrated therapy to accelerate healing & growth addressing

- Trauma

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Body Image

- Panic Attacks

- Substance Use

- Performance

- & MORE

Therapy is about meeting your needs. This flexible and streamlined approach can serve as a stand alone treatment or compliment your longstanding therapy support 

  • How does intensive therapy work?
    Intensives offer a focused approach to healing through Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Integrative Therapy, and Mindfulness. Here's a breakdown of the process: Pre-Intensive Interview: Goal Setting: We collaborate to identify your specific goals for the intensive program. Baseline Assessment: We discuss your current situation, including stressors, support systems, and coping mechanisms. Identifying Areas for Change: We pinpoint areas where you seek relief, growth, or significant progress. The Intensive Program: Dual Focus: We work simultaneously to** Reduce Emotional Pain: Decrease the emotional intensity associated with past experiences or current challenges. Enhance Positive Resources: Increase your ability to connect with positive memories, feelings, and coping strategies. Accelerated Resolution Therapy: This evidence-based technique facilitates deep brain AND body processing, allowing you to address past events, present triggers, or future anxieties. Tailored Approach: The specific content addressed during sessions is personalized to your unique needs and goals. Post-Intensive Interview: Integration & Reflection: We discuss your experience during the program, focusing on insights gained, shifts experienced, and new coping mechanisms developed. Moving Forward: We create a plan to integrate these positive changes into your daily life for lasting improvements. Benefits of ART Intensives: Focused Approach: Intensive therapy accelerates progress compared to traditional weekly sessions. Deep Processing: A.R.T. facilitates deep-seated change on an emotional and neurological level. Personalized Experience: The program is customized to address your specific needs and goals. Faster Results: Intensive therapy allows you to experience significant change within a shorter timeframe. Is an ART Intensive Right for You? This intensive program is a powerful option for individuals seeking rapid emotional healing and lasting positive change. Contact me today to discuss your goals and determine if an ART Intensive is the right fit for you.
  • What is an Accelerated Resolution (ART) Intensive?
    ART & Integrative Intensives offer a personalized approach to therapy, combining the power of Accelerated Resolution Therapy with integrative techniques to address your specific needs. Benefits of ART Intensives: Faster Results: Intensive programs condense therapy sessions for focused progress, accelerating your healing journey compared to traditional weekly therapy. Reduced Waitlists: Skip the waitlist and access intensive treatment sooner, allowing you to begin your healing process more quickly. Contained: One of the amazing things about using A.R.T. for intensives is that instead of leaving therapy feeling emotionally depleted and overwhelmed when doing the "hard" work, you will find containment and resolution. Flexible Scheduling: We design the program around your schedule and timeline, with daily sessions lasting 3-4 hours (broken into manageable 1.5-2 hour segments) over multiple days. Focused Sessions: Intensives eliminate the need for repetitive check-ins, allowing us to dive deeper into your concerns without interruption. Increased Efficiency: By focusing directly on core issues and avoiding time spent on stabilizing skills or managing crises (which become less necessary as healing progresses), the intensive format can significantly shorten your overall treatment time. How ART Intensives Work: Pre-Intensive Interview: We collaborate to set personalized goals and assess your current situation. The Intensive Program: Daily sessions utilize ART and integrative therapy techniques to address past traumas, emotional triggers, or future anxieties. Post-Intensive Interview: We discuss your experience, integrate insights and positive changes, and create a plan for lasting progress. Is an ART Intensive Right for You? This intensive program is ideal for individuals seeking a focused and efficient approach to emotional healing. By combining the power of ART with a flexible schedule, ART Intensives can help you achieve significant change in a shorter timeframe.
  • Why do an ART Intensive?
    ART Intensives offer a powerful and focused approach to therapy, ideal for individuals seeking faster emotional healing and lasting change. Here are some reasons why an ART Intensive might be the right fit for you: Accelerated Progress: Traditional weekly therapy can be valuable, but sometimes progress feels slow. Intensives condense therapy sessions, allowing for deeper exploration and quicker results. Addressing Past Trauma: If a past experience continues to negatively impact your present, an intensive can provide dedicated time to process and heal from these issues. Focused Self-Care: Intensives offer a dedicated period for mental well-being, allowing you to prioritize your emotional health. Building on Past Success: Have you experienced positive results with EMDR or A.R.T.? An intensive allows for deeper exploration using these effective techniques. Life Transitions: Preparing for a major life event (wedding, relocation, parenthood, career change) can be stressful. An intensive can equip you with emotional resilience to navigate these transitions. Breakthrough Therapy: Feeling stuck in traditional therapy? An intensive can provide a concentrated effort to break through plateaus and achieve breakthroughs. Integrating Insights: If you've noticed having a hard time translating therapy insights into real life, intensives (especially with A.R.T.) help you to integrate healing into your day-to-day. Economic Advantage: Due to intensives offering deep work on a shorter timeline, doing intensives may decrease your overall treatment time. ART Intensives can be particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with ongoing weekly therapy to further accelerate your healing journey. Contact me today to discuss your specific needs and determine if an ART Intensive is the right option for you.
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